About GPA-1

GPA-1 (Generative Pre-trained Agent) is a foundation model for AI Agents, vastly outperforming GPT-4 in both safety and overall performance. GPA-1 agents offer unprecedented control over their behavior, precisely aligned through human feedback in key interactions. They are capable of working on behalf of any organization – from retail and airline sales to insurance, healthcare, and government services – and serve their customers and users responsibly and safely. With complete control over agent’s actions, behaviors, and specific do’s and don’ts, GPA-1 effectively addresses the safety concerns in commercial AI deployment. 

GPA-1 does not rely on a transformer for its reasoning. Its novel architecture, replacing traditional transformers with a neuro-symbolic approach, harnesses the strengths of LLMs while resolving control, reliability, and safety challenges with a system of symbolic parameters and conditional rules. GPA-1 possesses advanced situational awareness, relying on a network of sensors to identify the state of each user-agent interaction. This enables precise alignment of agents’ actions and behaviors with desired outcomes through human feedback, facilitating continuous, real-time enhancements. 

Breakthroughs Enabled by GPA-1’s Neuro-Symbolic Architecture:

  1. Safety & Control: GPA-1 ensures absolute command over the agent’s behavior in every interaction and situation, safeguarding against unexpected outcomes.
  2. Objective-oriented Design: Trained to advance towards a predefined goal, agents built on GPA-1 operate within the specific guardrails and policies of the deploying company, organization or entity. 
  3. Transparent Decision Making: GPA-1 Agents dynamically align their actions based on the continuous feedback, moving away from the token prediction-based decision making of transformer-based models. 
  4. Unmatched Reliability: With responses sourced from designated, transparent endpoints, GPA-1 Agents avoid the unpredictability of black-box LLMs. This ‘white-box’ approach demystifies the reasoning process for users.
  5. Actionability & Tool Integration: The model supports connectivity to any number of APIs, company policies, and other relevant tools and destinations. 
  6. Evolving through Human feedback: A standout feature of GPA-1 Agents is their continuous alignment through human feedback on their behavior and decision making processes, contributing to daily improvements. 
  7. Superior Overall Performance: In terms of reliability, predictability, and quality, agents powered by GPA-1 are proven to vastly surpass even the most advanced existing models, setting new benchmarks in AI capabilities.

Developed proprietarily by AUI™ from 2017 to 2023, in collaboration with 60,000 human agents, GPA-1 marks a new phase in the evolution of controllable, safe and practical AI agents.

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