In 2017, AUI™ (Augmented Intelligence) embarked on a mission to automate the retail sales agent from brick-and-mortar stores and to create AI sales agents– superior in quality, ever-improving, and ready to work 24/7 for any retailer. 

After five and a half years in development, and with the help of 60,000 human agents, we are excited to introduce Sam– Sales Agent Model– the world’s first AI sales agent. Sam was built to work for retailers, and can be quickly deployed in online and offline stores, enabling retailers to sell their products using AI for the first time. 

Sales agents must be experts in their domain, and as such, retailers can deploy more than one agent in their store. Placing a Sales Expert for each product line and brand in the catalog forms a specialized AI Salesforce, which drives the quality of every store visit upwards. Each agent interaction is controllable, giving retailers the ability to personalize the experience at the individual customer level. 

A quick integration connects Sam to the relevant API endpoints: from the catalog to customer reviews. Each Sales Expert can be configured and customized in minutes and the entire Salesforce undergoes store-specific fine tuning. In a few days’ work, retailers can match the number of available Sales Experts in their online and physical stores to the number of visitors in any given moment and exceptionally serve each prospective customer.