Deep Learning Engineer (NLP)

Tel Aviv

Who are you?

We are seeking individuals with extensive experience building infrastructures that enable training, fine-tuning, and serving billion-parameter scale deep learning models, especially in the NLP domain using Pytorch and the huggingface ecosystem. You are a passionate and driven individual who strives to be their best everyday.

What you’ll be doing

As a Deep Learning Engineer in the team, you’ll have the opportunity to build the infrastructure for in house LLM’s and other deep learning in house models.

What should you have?

  • 2+ years of experience working with large-scale Pytorch-based deep learning applications on GPUs and TPUs using CUDA in multi-node multi-GPU scenarios
  • 2+ years of experience building, training and fine-tuning pipelines for large language models using distributed training approaches for both model and data
  • 2+ years of experience building serving APIs for sub-second latency inference of large language models using various optimization techniques
  • Extensive experience with Pytroch, Pytorch lightning, DeepSpeed, Megatron-LM, JAX/FLAX, and the Huggingface ecosystem
  • 1+ years of experience working with ML lifecycle solutions such as Kubeflow, AWS Sagemaker, or Vertex AI for bringing machine learning solutions from research to production

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